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  • ETeen Full Course - $ Online Business

    Starting An Online Business / Entrepreneurship
    Valid for 6 months
    • Full Access: Teen Entrepreneur - Starting an Online Business
    • Access to Member-Only Video Content
    • Access to the Masterminds Forum
    • Engaging Activities
    • Which Online Business Model Fits Your Interests/Passions?
    • Chat Support Available and Chat BETWEEN MEMBERS!
    • EARN A CERTIFICATE!! (Can Be Used Towards Course Credits)
    • Self Paced Course! Learn - Create - Grow - and Earn
  • Print On Demand - Merch Store- Make $

    Creating An Online Merch Store/Entrepreneur
    Valid for 3 months
    • Mini Course: Print On Demand Ecommerce Merch Store
    • Entrepreneurship training for kids and parents
    • Chat Support from the E-Teen Website
    • 3 Month Access to the Course
    • Access to the Masterminds Forum
    • Great For Homeschoolers and Enrichment Programs
    • Earn a Certificate!

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The E-Teen Lab Full Course...

Teens can become business savvy and create an income ($$$) by starting an online business. Here are some business model options introduced in this course;

  • Personal-Interest Business Development (capitalizing on student’s passions through an online instructional or local neighborhood business)

  • Print-On-Demand (Merch Stores)

  • Affiliate Marketing (being paid commissions by recommending products)

  • Ecommerce (building an online store to sell their products or someone else’s)

Students will identify their gifts, talents, and passions.  This will be their Niche. Once a business model is selected, students will learn how to market their businesses using social media, a blog/website, email, free advertising, and “keyword” marketing strategies (SEO).

The course is designed to strengthen critical thinking, improve communication skills, encourage integrity, teach leadership qualities, set goals, and help teenagers become avid entrepreneurs and succeed in many areas of life. Hopefully, our students will earn money in the process!

Print On Demand &

Entrepreneur Course...



Through this course,

teens will first learn about entrepreneurship and the importance of identifying a specific business theme. Ultimately, they will learn how to make money by creating their very own print-on-demand eCommerce store.


They’ll create simple designs to be printed on t-shirts, hats, water bottles, mugs, leggings, tote bags, face masks, wall art, sweaters, tank tops, cell phone cases, stickers, aprons, curtains, bath mats, and more!


Teens will learn and implement the latest digital marketing strategies to begin promoting merchandise and generating business. We’ll also introduce other amazing online business models which can create additional income.


Get on board with the earning potential in the digital revolution while the market is hot!

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