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Welcome to Entrepreneurs & Website WIzards, where young minds embark on an exciting journey of creativity, innovation, and business savviness! This course is designed to empower students with the essential skills of entrepreneurship and website design using the user-friendly platform, Wix. Students will learn about business and how to start marketing their business on their very own website. In the Entrepreneurship sessions, our budding business moguls will dive into the world of business. Through engaging and interactive sessions, they will learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, business idea/niche generation, budgeting, business planning, goal setting, and more. Our passionate instructors will encourage students to think outside the box, nurture their creativity, and develop problem-solving abilities – all while having a blast! Once our young entrepreneurs have honed their business skills, they will venture into the exciting world of website design using Wix. In the Web Design sessions, students will discover the magic of creating stunning and functional websites without any coding knowledge. They will be guided step-by-step to design and customize their websites, implement a blog, add beautiful pictures and videos, and learn to utilize digital marketing and social media marketing strategies to attract website visitors. Instructor/Facilitator Notes: This course was written for students (and the instructor) to easily follow the content step-by-step with clear instructions, helpful videos, and supplemental activities. The instructor will introduce the course and guide students through each “class” and “topic”. Fun class activities are provided strategically throughout the course for encouragement and class engagement. The instructor will allow time after each topic/class for students to work independently on the class assignments or to continue developing their ideas or websites. Laptop/desktop needed, access to WIX and YouTube, and

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Website Wizards - Entrepreneurs


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