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Print On Demand E-Commerce Store

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Through this course, students will develop the mindset of an entrepreneur (also known as…the Boss), explore their own amazing interests, learn how to create an online merch store, and then learn how money is made through the internet. They will create fun designs in a program called Canva, which will be uploaded onto a free online printing platform. Then their designs can be placed on t-shirts, hats, water bottles, mugs, leggings, tote bags, face masks, wall art, sweaters, cell phone cases, stickers, and more! Since this is a “Print-On-Demand” business model, there is no cost and no need for inventory. When customers choose any one of the item links, the 3rd party platform handles everything including making and shipping the item. Money is earned from sales! We will be teaching some of the best digital marketing strategies. Parents have the option of helping market their child’s business on social media and other digital marketing platforms. Students will earn a certificate for Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing at the end of this course! SUPPLIES/MATERIAL: If the class is facilitated in a center/classroom: Instructor will need to bring: Laptop Students will need to bring: Laptop Facilities/Classrooms will need to provide open WIFI so students can connect. Access to for student and instructor Instructor/Facilitator Notes: This course was written for students to easily follow the content step-by-step with clear instructions, helpful videos, and supplemental activities. The instructor will introduce the course (simply reading the provided script) and help guide students through each “class” and “topic”. Fun class activities are provided strategically throughout the course for encouragement and class engagement. The instructor will allow time at the completion of each topic/class for students to work independently on the class assignments or to continue developing their ideas or projects.

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Print On Demand - Merch Store- Make $

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