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This is the FULL PDF/EBOOK of the course!  As soon as it's purchased, you'll have instant downloading access.  This course is brand new and is a revolutionary approach to teen entrepreneurship for the future.  This program was created for teens to provide the best information on how to start a fun and exciting business utilizing the power of the internet to become a teen entrepreneur & learn how to earn money $$$ online!   Previous experience is not necessary!


It’s an all encompassing and comprehensive course ranging from business ethics to teaching on a variety of internet marketing platforms. The business course is designed to strengthen critical thinking, leadership skills, self-responsibility, confidence, and problem-solving skills—all traits that can transfer to success both in school and beyond. It's perfect for high school students, college students, and beyond.


Teens will become business-savvy leaders, learn how to start an exciting ONLINE business (5 business model options) focusing on their own interests/passions, and can earn money ($$$) using the power of digital and social media marketing. 

Have an adventurous and profitable journey!


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Teen Online Business & Entrepreneurship FULL PDF Version

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