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Starting An Online Business - Entrepreneurship

  In these self-paced courses, teens will become business-savvy leaders and learn how to start a teen online business (choosing from 5 business model options), focusing on their own interests/passions, and can earn money using the power of digital and social media marketing.  Join The Community and chat with members in REAL-TIME!  For KIDS/Programs under 13 check out

Entrepreneur Semester Course 
- Starting an Online Business -

teen businesses

Print On Demand &  Entrepreneur
MINI - Enrichment Course

teen entrepreneuer course
teen businesses
teen business ideas
teen online business
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online business for kids
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Teen Business Book
Merch Store
Affiliate Marketing​
Web Design​
Digital Design​
Keyword Research​

Full Teen Entrepreneur Course - Starting an Online Business

Introduction to The E-Teen Lab

Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Internet Safety First


Section 1:  Business Exploration & Creation

Introduction To Niches

Niche Exploration

Exploring 5 Business Models (Intro to Digital Marketing)

Branding The Business - Name Creation 

Creating Accounts - Online/Social Media Platforms

Developing A Business Plan and Goal Setting


Section 2:  Content Creation and Marketing Strategies

Building a Website/Blog - The Foundations of Marketing

Creating Quality Content & Implementing SEO Strategies

Utilizing Free Image Content for Digital Marketing Purposes

Understanding The Power Of Video Content

Earn the E-Teen Course Certificate!


Section 3 (optional):  Additional Business Models

Selling Handmade Items (Etsy)

Niche Photography Business

Wall-Art Canvas/Frames Pictures Online Business

Fiverr: Selling Your Services

Section 4 (optional):  Bonus Content

Utilizing Google Analytics: Google Webmasters

Growing Instagram Followers

Ebooks - From Start To Publishing

Teaching Others How To Use Social Media

Set Up Your Legal Business Structure

Closing Notes


Special Links

Entrepreneur Terms (Glossary)

The Ten Rules For Entrepreneurship

Business Idea Generators

Media Consent and Social Media Permission


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Safety Disclaimer:  Students as young as 13 years old may participate in this course.  Teenagers under 18, please consult with your parents to gain permission to participate.   We encourage parents to follow along and/or partner with their teen in the course who may need to assist in creating certain accounts on online platforms that hold age restrictions.  Again, teens, please do not do anything without your parent's consent.  And teens, never share your personal information with anyone online.   You may communicate with members in our E-Teen community but ensure the conversations remain respectful and professional.  Your safety is our number one priority.  Thank you for complying and we are so excited to watch your business grow!   

Disclaimer:  We do not promise or guarantee income will be earned.  Success will vary, and the success of any participating individual is contingent upon the effort set forth.  

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